Impaired driving, penalties and lawyers

Impaired driving is a severe crime nowadays. Riding any kind of vehicle under the effect of alcohol or drugs is what we call impaired driving.

When someone is detected driving too slow or too quick or when not being able to do simple functions, having red eyes, not understandable dialogue, that person will be charged of impaired driving and will probably need a good impaired driving lawyer.

The cop has the right to ask for a breath test to determine the concentration of alcohol in that person's blood . When the alcohol is detected to be more than what is legal, severe consequences are faced to that person. The legal alcohol concentration is less than 80 mg in 100 ml of blood and anything above that is considered illegal.

This is a serious crime and the accused will encounter serious charges, therefore an impaired driving lawyer is more than needed. And here are the charges to encounter when being accused of impaired driving.

1st time:
When a person is caught for the first time with this crime, That person is charged with at least $600. And also, the charged loses his driving license for an amount of time depending on some factors of the situation that person is caught in. Some people get charged even when sometimes being innocent, and whenever they are charged, they won't be able to drive for a long time, and only a good impaired driving lawyer can rescue them.
2nd time:
When being charged a second time, the charges are bigger and more serious. They will go to jail for fourteen days . And of course, they lose their driving license for 2 to 5 years.
Many times:
When being caught for a 3rd or more time you will lose your driving license for 3 years and sometimes forever, also you will be sentenced with a 90 days jail time.

You can see now how serious is this crime, and how critical is getting a good and experienced criminal defense lawyer who is specialized in impaired driving defense, this will guarantee you a good representation in the court.

It is strongly recommended to have a lawyer as soon as possible, therefor start searching in the internet for impaired driving lawyers and you can easily find a bunch since most lawyers have an internet page or advertisement.

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