Accused of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is viewed as form of sex discrimination, It can take many shapes, including as said in federal law, any unwanted sexual advances, demands for sexual acts, or any verbal or physical act of a sexual type, which makes an unwanted, insulting, disrespectful and displeasing office atmosphere

  • Sexual harassment and the Law
Workers are guarded by federal and state laws from sexual harassment in their offices, and as consequence, nearly every worker now has policies like :
  • Restricting sexual harassment of all kinds
  • advise workers to take serious actions about sexual harassment

In various situations, the accused gets immediately fired from his job
  • What if the accusation is false? 
Workers can't make any action across the accused if the accusation was proven to be wrong, also disciplinary may be taken against the complainant. But, the employer has a possibility that, in the case where the accusation was not false, the target of the harassment can yield it to the judge. Therefore, Bosses usually don't risk their workspace. They choose to drop the accused, that acquires finite rights under federal and state laws to confront their termination.
  •  Are their any rights for the false accused?
Not exactly. A boss has the right to fire any worker under his office for silly or even no cause at all, so long as it is not a cause warned by law. Firing a worker only for a doubt of misbehavior is legal, even in the case where the doubt is false. Therefore, the law allows any boss to solve his hard workspace problems by firing his workers.
But, in the case where the termination of a worker was the result of an illegal cause, faking the actual cause with a non true cause of harassment will result to the boss's vulnerability.
  • What to do when being a target of a false harassment accusation?

We suggest that you:
  1. Employ an experienced employment attorney or counsel.
  2. Demand an absolute, just hearing.  
  3. Demand for proves of your accusation
  4. Ask if the charges are just or not.
The law can't always protect you from false accusations, and your best weapon is knowing What are your rights

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