California & Washington DC Law Firms

As we said in our post about
How to find a good lawyer, using the internet has made it really easy for us and it's time to start using it in our life problems, so in this post I'm going to list some of the major cities' Law firms

  • California
In the website above you can find a California attorney or law firm, you can find Lawyers according to any city in California you want, then you can choose what type of attorney do you want according to your problem, for example you can choose from Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Divorce, Loan Modification, Criminal Law . . .
After you choose the type of attorney you need, you will be transfered to a page that all the attorneys that work in California in the city you've chosen and the of the type you've chosen, you can see their description, addresses, phone numbers and their client rating
  • Washington DC
If you're searching for a Washington DC lawyer or law firm, then the website above can provide some great info, I recommend reading what they have to say, anyway, when you scroll down you'll find just above the google ads a link saying " Washington attorney Directory ", click it and you'll see a list called " Area of Law ", You can choose from it what type of lawyer do you need, Accident Attorney Car, Criminal Defense Attorney, Personal Injury Lawyer and basically everything you need

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